Hey guys, in this article, we’ll be doing a full guide for beginners about police station. Many people asked me to do this. So here I am in this article,

I will show you how to complete police station without a single shot of your gun or anything else

Only Melly weapons and five to eight bandages. Very cheap. Not as many zombies can be crouched, attacked and dislocation, where there are some tricks and easy ways how to kill the hungry Chomper and the brawler zombie officers and small zombies can be Waltrip. Mulching is simply easy. Only you have to do is wait for zombies attack, and Vinnie’s about to swing his arm into you to be behind a wall. And then when he swings, you just attack and get behind the wall. Again, many starts about to swing his end. That way you won’t get damaged. And the zombie will. This does not work on hungry chompers because they work way differently than the other fat zombies, which is really weird, but it is. There’s another trick for that though, you can kill the fat zombies by using a honky sticks, spear golf club. Roadsigns sculptures. Your saw bleeds all of those long range weapons, and basically get the fat zombies near the chairs. At the entrance of the police station and just circle them around. And when the zombies at the middle of the chairs, you just swing at them. Exactly. They won’t be able to reach you, but you will be, if you’re a really, really new player, then you can open and gray boxes with don’t open all of them, finish the wall police station.

If you get a blue card or a green card, open blues and greens, and then lastly opened the ground ones. There’s a rare chance to get a blue card at the end of the prison cells in the police station.

You can also even get a electronic circuit

last day on earth police station guideIf you have some resources to fix the terminal, do it, then you can open even another additional box when you will get your first cell key open. Only the first cell from bottom to top, do not open the top cell where the jailbird is, or even if he’s not in the cell. Open only the first cell. It has the best loot as for all people, which has confirmed me. If you have keys and use only one, don’t use the other key, save it up for next bullies station run because these keys are really worth. Sometimes you will get a silky and sometimes you can’t even get one, but rarely you can even get three or four keys, but that’s really rare. All right. Moving from small zombies to swamp zombies and explosives on these, these guys are dangerous. Be careful because what zombies don’t take much damage from Mellie, neither from guns, but he can still kill him.

This attack, move and keep repeating like I do. So in the article, explosives on bees can kill you in one explosion to not die by them. You can easily run out of their circle or get behind a wall.

I suggest just running out of the circle when he he’s about to explode

This armor is also hard, just like the SWAT zombie to make a deal with those guys. There are two riot zombies, which is the most stuff, a zombie in the police station. There’s only two of them. First one is in the cells to get her with the prisoners. And the last one is at the top left. You can sneak both of them and use a machete or som blade or anything else just sneak on them and then attack.

You will do triple damage after a sneaking. You just kill him, but do know you cannot kill him while he holds his shield directly in front of his face. When he starts walking weirdly and moves by waving his shield means that you can’t attack him and he won’t block your hip. As basically yet. Thanks for reading guys! Hope this article helps.

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