Hello everybody in today’s article. I want to show you the best way, how to get the guns in Last Day on Earth. If you’re following my six simple steps, you will have a lot of weapons without paying any money.

I know, I know I have a lot of stuff, but let’s go straight to the point. Number one rates. I liked him so much. It’s actually pretty hard to finish a Raider task if you’re a beginner, but if you can, it’s actually the best way to get weapons. If you’ve read my last article about cleaning data trick, you can read the same base unlimited times. Then you will know where good stuff actually are. Without raking bed, chest, pretty useful.

Second good way to get the weapons. It’s a rest stop. Sadly, it’s only for people who have a motorbike.

how to find weaponsIn this event, you will always find the good weapons and you will find also useful items. You have four different rest stops, but all of them are pretty interesting. Boom, kit alpha. This is the place where we will get rich. You will maybe spend a lot of time here inside, but when you get a lot of tickets, guys, price are awesome.

Airdrop pretty straightforward is poned him. You go there, take your items. And you enjoy, if you don’t know how to spot three airdrops per day, I also made a video about it. Dealer, same stuff, like an airdrop. This is place where everybody starts. If you’re a new player in game Last Day on Earth, you will need to visit a lot of these two places and find a lot of peppers to clean the monkeys alpha.

And last way to find a weapons is to go to the zones.

If you go to the red zone, for example, like me this time, you will find a good weapons, but in the same time, you will spend some money. That’s why going to the zones. You’re not farming weapons. You are farming resources. Weapons are just the gut. Is there. You can find them in the random chest there, or you can kill AI player. If you’re lucky he’ll be stuck. Like this guy here.

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